Organized spaces can contribute to a more calm, relaxed environment while reducing stress. Of course, we want you to feel this way!

Kawartha Organizing Solutions offers a non-judgemental, confidential and supportive approach. This means that we respect the space and that which it contains, the information you share as well as you and your journey.

Our wish is for the process to support you – your growth, health and well being as you work towards your organizing goals!

What we offer

The following options offered allow for flexibility, while creating a custom organization plan for you. Depending on the type of project and your preferred approach, we also provide add-on services.

  • You would like some guidance but prefer to work on your own
  • You would like to save some money with DIYing
  • You would appreciate some direction and check-ins to keep the momentum going and support in the process
  • You have limited time (and/or energy) to devote to a project
  • You prefer the organizer to work solo (as much as possible)
  • You would appreciate working alongside the organizer for support such as: to keep on track, increase motivation, with decision making, for physical or emotional support
  • Donation drop-offs
  • Space planning
  • Product sourcing


Kawartha Organizing Solutions provides services at $50/hr.

Package pricing is available for discounts when you purchase additional hours in advance. Generally, a consulting session is 1 hour and a full-service session is 3 hours.

12 hours

  • Regular $600 Save 15%

24 hours

  • Reg $1,200 Save 20%
  • Most popular!

36 hours

  • Reg $1,800 Save 25%

One day I woke up to a horrible truth, my family and I were hoarders. Saving things just in case we may need them, going to auctions, other people’s cast-off. I lived in a cluttered, untidy house. After having been recently widowed, it was more than I could handle alone. I was in crises.

We had known Sommer for quite some time and after many heart-felt talks I asked Sommer to help me. With her kind and gentle nature, lots of patience together with her expertise, we had our home clean, tidy and well organized after about six weeks of weekly visits. Life became much easier. Thanks to Sommer, I have a home that I enjoy having people over for meals and birthday parties.

Thank you Sommer. I would recommend you to anyone who needs the kind of help as I did. You changed our life for the better.

WW, Havelock, ON